Pai Gow poker, the famous Asian game, becomes more and more popular with online gamblers. It offers an escapade from the traditional casino games. Easy to play and quite cheerful, Pai Gow poker does not require very much knowledge. Strategy is based mostly on good spirits and extreme attention. endeavors to offer you the best advice to double your chances of winning at online Pai Gow.
1. Knowing the odds of the game is very important. Consider several possibilities: the player’s hands will beat the banker, the player’s hand will lose to the banker or there will be a push. But since the banker has about a 1.5 percent edge over the player, he wins copies (when two hands are the same) and the percent winning shares will not be the same. Here comes our second advice, related.
2. Always take the opportunity to be the banker. Pai Gow poker rules allow and encourage that. In mathematical terms you have better chances of winning in the banker position. In fact, recommends you to play the role of the banker as often as possible in order to maintain your advantage. Don’t forget the five percent commission taken by the house from all winning bets.
3. Never neglect the arrangement of your cards. We suggest you to split cards in a way that would help you manage them better. But before that you need to understand the particular rules of the selected casino and try to get the best of it. You need to create two strong hands to be able to win them both and avoid ending up with a tie.
4. Remember the Pai Gow poker essential rule: you are expected to win both hands in order to win the entire bet. Many players have the tendency to approach the game in pure poker terms, but in fact, Pai Gow has its own subtleties. When your both hands are weak the only solution is to concentrate all the efforts on your back hand. A higher back hand and a lower front hand might equally help you win the bet.
5. Betting on the bonus is very efficient, don’t hesitate to try this opportunity, especially if you are usually a high-roller, the payouts are substantial. When your cards happen to contain a bonus hand you get the chance to raise your stake up to 8000 times. The bonus bet involves a lot of risk but the recompense is more than thrilling.
6. Beginners are advised to risk less until they are confident about their skills and choose the automatic game option by pressing the House Way button which is at their disposal. You’ll be playing the game from the position of witness not being obliged to take any major decisions; the house will do it for you. The option allows you to follow the action attentively, get familiar with the sequence of moves and minimize your losses.
7. Besides, non-experienced players who are afraid to deal with too much action at once should choose Pai Gow poker tables with fewer players. The advantages are: having enough time to think over decisions and getting the chance to play the dealer more often.
8. The last but not the least advice of experts is to monitor your budget very closely and try to rely on sufficient money, especially when you play the banker.
As you can see, the strategy options for Pai Gow poker are not scarce. It’s up to you to select the less risky plan of action in the long-term. Pai Gow Poker is very amusing and captures the player’s mind entirely for hours. Take your time to enjoy it!