Online gambling has become such a popular and flourishing industry that it’s hard to find any other similar pleasant leisure for most Internet addicts. They are captured by the lively rhythm and colorful flashes offered by games but also considerable gains waiting around the corner. is your best friend in selecting the best online gambling options. Sic Bo is a game you should not miss; a successful combination of entertainment, risk and chance. Let’s not forget about the possibility to win good money with practically no effort, since its rules are really easy to learn and apply. Sic Bo appeals to many players namely due to its simplicity and fun.
Of ancient Chinese origins, Sic Bo is translated as “Small big” or “Lucky dice” and means rolling a three dice to capture winning combinations.
Let’s go back to the basic rules, according to which, the player is confronted with a table-like layout containing a multitude of dice combinations, being invited to wager on the outcome of the roll of the three dice. Several options are available during the game: to place bets on a single dice, on two dice or all of the three dice but also on chosen combinations of numbers.
The players pick chips of the value they wish to play with and make selections in the gaming zone on the table to mark the desired combinations. Once the bets are made, the game action actually begins and the ‘Roll’ button is pressed. The three dice shakes for several seconds in a kind of glass shaker until it automatically stops to reveal the winning combinations, which immediately light up on the table. The payout is distributed according to the outcome of the dice. This is the moment when players have to decide either to start the game all over again or replay the same combination. They have to choose between the Clear and Repeat buttons to pursue the game. cautions you to make sure you know the odds for every rolling combination before proceeding to the game.
The most popular and commonly used types of Sic Bo bets are the following:
Small and Big – bets made on the total sum of the three dice (Small – 4 through 10 and Big – 11 through 17);
Three-Dice Total – means betting on the exact total of the three dice, which allows you to win with a triple;
Two-Dice Combination – means betting on the outcome of any two of the three dice;
Single Die – a bet that will bring you at least one die on your chosen number;
Specific Double – a bet that will bring you at least two of the dice on the chosen number; Any Triple – in this case all three dice will land on the same number.
The number of bets you can choose from is very wide, making the game thrilling. encourages players to opt for another type of bet with every new game to try them all and also wager on different amounts. You become a winner at Sic Bo when the outcome of the roll of the dice is identical with your bet. Some casinos listed by us might help you have a better understanding of the rules by offering you free plays and complete explanations for the virtual Sic Bo table areas and bets.
Just like Roulette or Craps, it is a game that entirely depends on chance. There’s no way to trick the engine; it’s authentic gambling. So, trust your luck and start playing!