has already dedicated an important part of its reviews to Slots, still one of the most popular games online. People seem to show real interest in mastering it, whatever the variation.
It has been a while since the first slot machine was born in 1887 and the game has evolved under many different forms relying on constant success and support from gamblers worldwide. The 3 reel mechanical machine now coexists with its younger but more sophisticated sisters: the 5 reel and the 7 reel machines.
As you can easily guess and following the general pattern, the 7 reel slot machine contains seven reels, each reel having multiple paylines.The trend of 7 reels took off slowly but gradually gained enthusiasts, willing to increase the challenge of their Slots experience. Such machines are nowadays featured by a number of online casinos, some of them listed at
Besides offering the unique possibility to play 7 reel Slots they include as many free plays as you need to get to know the game before making any money bets. This is one of the features that gamblers cherish the most when it comes to experimenting 7 reel Slots. Free plays are the best way to understand the rules of the game and find out whether it suits your gambling expectations. In fact, there are few chances you won’t like 7 reel Slots, as a higher number of reels implies a higher number of winning combinations, which can be very exciting.
Although being just a variation of the 3 and 5 reel Slots, 7 reel Slots can easily become someone’s favorite, due to dynamic rhythm and thrilling atmosphere.
So far only the famous software provider Vegas Technology has produced 7 reel online Slot machines but several other providers have already shown interest in creating competition. There’s a very good chance the variation will considerably increase in popularity and the world leaders in the industry will then be determined to satisfy the growing demands of the market.
The game structure very much resembles the other variations, except the fact that there are no bonus games, free spin features, multipliers or bonus symbols. The lack of such elements can be explained by innovation and improvements are yet to be introduced in the near future as well as new, absolutely amazing features. The most important step towards an evolution has already been done by launching the 7 reel Slot machine, which is still new, exciting and mysterious. If 7 is your lucky number then you got yourself a favorite game!
In terms of payout, must emphasize the importance of multiple paylines, which does not necessarily have an impact on the payout percentages but certainly increases the suspense of the outcomes. As in the case of other Slot variations, the Random Number Generator determines the winning numbers, so the number of paylines can hardly influence the frequency of certain results.
At this point, there are basically two 7 reel Slot games at online casinos. One of them is called the Lucky 7’s, is powered by Vegas Technology and includes 7 reels and 7 paylines. The highest possible jackpot reaches the amount of 2,500 coins, followed by a second prize of 1,000 coins, and a third one of 500 coins. The other 7 reel slot machine game you may encounter is Farming Futures, featuring 7 reels and 9 paylines. The jackpot value is also 2,500 coins and the maximum bet allowed is $90 on a single spin.
If you are a Slots fan, don’t hesitate to discover seven reel Slots, a new, exciting and fun game to play. It doesn’t matter if you play in free mode or for money; as long as you learn to appreciate the simple pleasure of winning at 7 reel Slots. Don’t forget to consult for more information about promotions and exclusive bonuses.